Personal brand

Client brief                to create a personal brand for yourself
My role                      branding, monogram, word mark, visual mark
Project time              8 weeks

Project summary

This project started as I needed to create a personal brand for myself that would distinguish myself as a designer. It was an incredibly daunting project due to the scale of work and the pressure to create something I was proud of.  I started by breaking down the project into a few key elements, a monogram, visual mark and a wordmark.

The process


I started by researching a few different monograms that I liked and developed an idea of what I wanted my brand to be. After these inital stages, I started sketching out a few different ideas and pretty quickly came to the early stages of what my monogram would look like. Then it was just a matter of taking it into illustrator and digitising it.

Word mark and visual mark

After deciding on my monogram the next step was finding an appropriate wordmark to go with it. This actually proved quite difficult as there was so much choice but through trail and error I landed on my decision. During the final stages of this project I started sketching ideas for what my visual mark should be. Creating this visual mark was was really enjoyable but it was alot of work narrowing down all my ideas. After deciding on some sort of elephant design I went through a lot of refinement before I liked the way it looked.


This project was daunting initally as it was such a big project and I felt a responsibility to create something I was really proud of, however I’m really happy with how it all turned out. I now have such an apprecation for all the work that goes into creating a brand and I feel this project gave me such insight into this aspect of the industry.

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