Client brief                To create an infographic on factors influencing population
My role.                     Illustration and data visualisation
Project time.              3 weeks

Project summary

Our brief was to create a infographic based on factors influencing population. An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives a brief, easy to understand overview of a topic. I started the project with a quick brainstorm on what topic I wanted to cover, and after a bit of research I landed on ‘population and its impact on the environment’. This subject was something that also really interested me so it was an easy decision.

The process

This task represented a few different challenges to me. I needed to ensure I was able to represent data in both an easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing way. After focusing in on what topic I wanted to cover, it was time to gather relevant information and think of different ways to display this. As always I started with a few different sketches and then started to take these ideas into illustrator.

The elements

These images show the process of my illustrations. After getting a general idea of how I want things to look, I usually then being to think about colour and I make up a few different colour stories in Adobe colour. This helps to keep the overall design consistant.

Iconography and colour

Data visualisation


This project was a real learning experience. It challenged me to really think and research and to really contemplate how data can be displayed in a simplified yet captivating way. As the brief could be interpreted in loads of different ways, it also gave me the opportunity to apply my illustration abilities and refine those skills further. Click here to view the full infographic.

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