Travel Pal

Client brief                to create an app based on travel
My role                     Illustration, app design, branding, iconography, prototyping
Project time.             6 weeks

Project summary

Travel pal is a fun interactive app that builds a unique walking trail for users. When visiting a new city, users simply open the app, enter the city and the app generates a walking trail of the city’s landmarks. Each landmark is also able to be reviewed and rated by other users allowing each person to skip any landmark that does not appeal to them or is not highly rated.

The process

Our brief was to create an app based on travel. After some thought, I decided to create something that made making your own walking tour simple and customisable. I identified a gap in the market for a product that made this easy and widly accessible.

Initally challanges started to rise when i began to sketch out what this product would look like and how it would function. I soon realised I needed to focus on one or two things and design this really well instead of trying to do too much and wind up with something confusing and difficult to use. From here I started my inital sketches and mockups


After a lot of adjustments and refinements, I finally landed on a final version I was happy with. I really tested my illustration abilities with this project, and although it was a challange and I had to really push myself at times, I think this experience has enhanced my confidence in my abilites.  I also feel I have gained insight into user experience and how to build an app that is both asthetically nice and functions well in its basic form.

The final product

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